Google Apps Shared Contacts

Shared Contacts allow organizations to create a list of external users and then share their contact information with everyone in the company.

This feature can be very useful for organizations that deal with vendors, consultants, contractors, etc. and need to provide their users with the necessary information to do business with these outside users. Some organizations choose to use a CRM for storing and managing these contacts, but with the help of third party tools, the Google Apps directory can be used to manage shared contacts.

As one of the most important features of Google Apps Management, the goal of is to provide Google Apps administrators with everything they need to know about one of the most useful but underutilized features of Google Apps – shared contacts. Why did we build this site? Because we love Google Apps.

Our BetterCloud product is the #1 Admin Tool in the Google Apps Marketplace, providing over 40,000 Google Apps administrators with the superior security and management tools that they need to collectively manage over 20 million end-users. Regardless of whether or not you use BetterCloud, we feel  that this website will be useful to you. We hope that you will use our site to learn something about shared contacts that will help take
your use of this feature and the Google Apps suite to the next level.

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